Recommended Reading

by Race in the Workplace special correspondent Erica

results-oriented work and the pareto principle - 8 hours & a lunch
Down with busy work! “too many organizations (and too many leaders) focus on the amount of work being done and the amount of hours being worked. it’s not about either one of those things. it’s about results. get clear about the results you’re looking for and then do the things that support those results. that’s what you’re paying people for — results.” My company doesn’t do this and I have a hard time imagining they ever would. But I sometimes take the liberty of telling myself I’ve certainly accomplished enough for one day and cut out a little early.

Blogging Policy - Evil HR Lady
Evil HR Lady ponders what’s happened to several of her favorite bloggers who appear to have disappeared from blogging. She suspects it’s because blogging became incompatible with events in their real lives and talks about whether one should be/stay anonymous.

Immigration Reform - The Monster Blog
A recap of the proposed immigration reform bill and what it means for employers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge Authority or Jump the Chain-of-Command! - The Black Factor
What to do if the co-worker you’re having a problem with is your supervisor or manager. My question is what do you do if the person you have a problem with is your HR director (completely hypothetically speaking, of course…).

Enforcement Guidance: Unlawful Disparate Treatment of Workers with Caregiving Responsibilities - EEOC
Including sections like “Unlawful Gender Role Stereotyping of Working Women,” “Pregnancy Discrimination”, and “Discrimination Against Women of Color.” See also: EEOC’s Q&A on the subject. (via Strategic HR Lawyer)

Congress Passes Increase in the Minimum Wage - New York Times
The increase from $5.15 to $7.25 will be phased in over two years. Workplace Prof Blog wonders why this bill could only get through tacked onto an Iraq spending bill and not as a standalone bill.

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