Our Workshops

Below are some of the anti-racism training workshops we offer:

  • Beyond Diversity Buzzwords and Oppression Olympics: A New Framework for Discussing Race and Racism
  • Not Just Fetishists and Race Traitors: Challenging the Ways We Look At Interracial Relationships
  • Recognizing Racial Stereotypes and Their Impact on the Workplace
  • Cute But Confused: Myths and Realities of Mixed Race Identity
  • Geishas and Math Nerds: Challenging Stereotypes about Asian-Americans and Understanding Their Origins
  • Never The Twain Shall Meet: Interracial Relationships On the Big Screen
  • Tragic Mulattos and Exotic Temptresses: (Mis)representations of Mixed Race People in the Media
  • To read testimonials from New Demographic’s past clients and watch a demo video with clips from their workshops, please visit the New Demographic web site.