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by Race in the Workplace special correspondent Erica

The New Recruiting Psychographic Persona - Employee Evolution
The author put together a list of things that Millennials are looking for in a job to give her company’s HR department a better sense of the landscape as they reconsidered their recruiting materials. With all the talk of how this generation has been raised to really not think about race (i.e., ignore it, not necessarily truly have it be a non-issue), I wonder how highly they value the face of diversity (or lack thereof) a company puts forth.

Gap Analysis - CFO Magazine
“Why diversity programs work better for women than for minorities.” Demographics and socioeconomics mean a much larger pipeline of women. More successful mentoring and workplace accommodations mean much happier female employees. (Thx, Sallie!)

Now and Then: Minorities and Michigan - Inside Higher Ed
Following the state of Michigan’s passage of Proposal 2 banning affirmative action at all public employers, minority enrollment at the University of Michigan Law School dropped from 39.6% to 5.5%.

Without Affirmative Action, Diversity Suffers - TIME’s Work in Progress
Lisa Takeuchi Cullen reacts to the news out of the University of Michigan Law School. We’re reminded not to use the “Q” word (”quota”). The usual arguing for and against affirmative action ensues in the comments, including the use of crayola colors and my personal favorite: “I’m a minority and I think it’s wrong.”

Race Discrimination - Workplace Fairness
Good background on the legal definition of race discrimination and how Title VII of the Civil Rights Act governs that.

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