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by Race in the Workplace special correspondent Erica

A decade of race-blind admissions at Cal -
Has it really been that long already? Numbers of blacks and hispanics in the University of California system have rebounded after the initial drop off, but shifted away from Berkeley and UCLA to the other campuses, and still are not keeping pace with the high school graduation rate. Article includes lots of blather from Ward Connerly. (via Workplace Blog)

Corporate Diversity Programs Aim Involve White Males as Leaders - CareerJournal The article suggests white men take diversity issues more seriously when they’re presented by a white man. I suppose being a white male doesn’t necessarily preclude one from being knowledgeable about and invested in diversity initiatives. (via Workplace Prof Blog)

Don’t Let Whites In The Workplace Tell You How You Should Feel! - The Black Factor
“You shouldn’t feel that way.” “Don’t be so sensitive.” Put these in that category of things that I keep thinking that people don’t say anymore, but they still do. Don’t discount your feelings, and bone up on the company’s policies.

‘Tearing Down the Gates’ - Inside Higher Ed
Q & A with Peter Sacks on his new book, Tearing Down the Gates: Confronting the Class Divide in American Education. (via Workplace Blog)

What the jargon you use reveals about you - Brazen Careerist
I hate corporate-speak with a passion and I try to make a point not to use it, even though many people around me do. It’s entirely possible to get your point across without resorting to the phrase of the week. Penelope Trunk translates some of the most common jargon you hear and the commenters include some of their own favorites.

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  1. Penelope Trunk wrote:

    Hi, Erica. Thanks for linking to Brazen Careerist.

    I really appreciate that you pointed to the Black Factor link. Every time I come to your blgo I learn something new about race in the workplace. I really appreciate that.


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