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by Race in the Workplace special correspondent Erica

I Was a Diversity Hire - TIME
The author of a TIME article on research on workplace diversity programs speaks about hearing a rumor that the guy who hired her led the company in minority hiring. “I’d never gotten anywhere at all on my connections, which is rightful, seeing as I had none. Why should I get somewhere on my race and gender? Moreover, why should someone else get an extra check in his Christmas stocking because of my race and gender?” The research showed that diversity training and networking had no effect, but mentorship did.

Women Make Less Than Men: 5 Things HR Needs to Do Right Now to End Pay Inequality - KnowHR Blog
Tuesday, April 24, was Equal Pay Day. Immediately equalize the salaries you’re offering and talk about it to anyone and everyone in the company. Keep it on the radar. Do not let anyone continue to perpetuate the discrepancy. Address it if your corporate culture is not amenable to it.

Enabling Women to truly choose - Cubically Challenged
Another take on the working vs stay at home issue for mothers, and why that’s the wrong way to frame it in the first place. From the point of view of workers in India.

Old Mike, new Christine - Los Angeles Times
A long time LA Times sportswriter on transitioning from male to female and coworkers’ reactions. All more positive than expected.

When You Meet an Imus - New York Times
Knowing how to respond gracefully when someone makes a borderline potentially offensive comment is difficult. When someone says to the only black guy in the elevator that he saw him on Oprah, I’d venture to say, “Yeah, and I called her a nappy-headed ho.” is not the way to do it.

The So-Called Perils of Job Hopping: Part 1 and Part 2 - The Black Factor
Weighing what you really would like to have in a job versus what you need to have to keep paying your bills. The Black Factor posits that job hopping counts less against white job candidates than it does against black job candidates and emphasizes that you can’t have that time you spent in your miserable job back. The company will go on without you, no matter what.

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