Watercooler: a multicultural celebration gone wrong

by Carmen Van Kerckhove
Watercooler is the section of the blog in which we share with you real-life horror stories from the frontlines of race in the workplace. This week, we have a story from M:
I work for a government human services agency and we have a diversity council here at work. I served on […]

How to turn your ethnicity into a competitive edge

by Race in the Workplace special correspondent Adina Ba
Kenneth Arroyo Roldan is the CEO of Wesley, Brown & Bartle (WB&B), one of the nation’s leading executive search firms dedicated to the recruitment, retention and professional development of women and people of color. He is also author of the book Minority Rules: Turn Your Ethnicity Into […]

Impress your inscrutable Japanese boss with Jimmy John’s sandwiches

by Carmen Van Kerckhove
From black folks dancing about chicken to DJ’s spinning cheeseburgers on turntables, we can always count on fast food ads to reinforce racial stereotypes.
Jimmy John’s proves to be no exception. Check out this ad, in which a Japanese salariman tries to impress his inscrutable boss in the boardroom — with sandwiches. I’m […]

Welcome to Race in the Workplace!

by Carmen Van Kerckhove
Thanks for visiting our new blog, Race in the Workplace! This is a blog that explores how race and racism influence our working lives. You’ll find a mix of practical advice, personal stories, interviews with experts and authors, recommended resources, and much, much more. But perhaps most importantly, you’ll find a space […]